Yamaha XS750 by Ugly Motor Bikes

Yamaha XS750 by Ugly Motor Bikes

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Ugly Motor Bikes (UMB) from South California has a very interesting name since I am yet to see a single ugly creation from them. This XS750 build is probably the reason I love Café Racers as much as I do. This build is probably the reason I have also bought a ’77 Yamaha XS750 and am planning to turn it into a cafe, some time in 2014.


What’s disappointing is that at the moment of writing this, UMB’s domain name is for sale and their Facebook page is inactive. I truly hope that Brady and Chris have moved on to something bigger and better and didn’t abandon their cafe racer building careers because they are so good at it.

Back to the XS750. It’s simple. It’s complicated. It’s perfect.



All the electronics, wiring and battery are hidden in the seat pan and in the cowl. The seat, grips, and foot-pegs are wrapped in leather. Clip-ons have replaced the handlebars. The frame has been re-worked, of course. The front suspension has been lowered internally and at the triple tree for a total of 2.5″. The carburetors now host custom velocity stocks with “UGLY” engraving. The exhaust has been made into 3-in-3 instead of the common 3-in-1 or the stock 3-in-2 (actually some stock XS750’s come with 3-in-1 and some came with 3-in-2). Custom paint and the lack of turn signals add to the simplicity and the beauty of the “Girl Next Door” – a nickname this bike earned at the UMB’s shop.




This bike was sold at $7,500 (which I think was a steal for the buyer). I hope this isn’t the last we’ve heard from Ugly Motor Bikes and I will surely feature some of their other, older builds.

Images are taken from Silodrome.

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