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TruGel Battery

Product Description

BikeMaster TruGel Battery – MG14Z-S MG14Z-S

  • Gel Electrolyte Powersport Batteries
  • Has a much longer storage life on the shelf or in the bike
  • Resists vibration and impacts which damage regular wet batteries
  • Works better at lower and higher temperatures than a wet battery
  • Will not leak like a wet battery, even if the case cracks
  • 2-year manufacturers warranty

Weighting at only 8 pounds instead of the usual 15+lbs for a classic battery, this TruGel battery will not only makes your Café Racer lighter, it will also make it cleaner and more reliable.

TruGel batteries don`t require any maintenance, hold charge a lot better and a lot longer than normal batteries and the best part: they can be installed at any angle! If you were always chasing the simple, clean cafe racer look fot your motorcycle, TruGel battery will allow you to get there. You can easily hide this battery in your seat pan or in the rear cowl right next to the tail light. Lay it down, put it upside down – this battery can handle it all. Unlike regular batteries, TruGel doesn`t leak, even if the casing cracks so this is no-brainer especially at such low price.

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