Honda SOHC CB550 4 into 1 exhaust system
Honda CB550 Exhaust

Product Description

Lossa Engineering LB-YX-550-R Honda SOHC CB550 4 into 1 exhaust system

This exhaust system will be perfect for any Honda CB 550 and CB 500 from the 70’s! If you are restoring a CB550, converting it into a bobber or a cafe racer – you’ll certainly spend money on a new exhaust system.

4 into 1 systems are among most popular solutions because they reduced overall weight of your bike, they add to a look of the motorcycle and of course they sound better than stock, adding some of the aggressive growl to your cafe racer. Lossa Engineering system comes with a removable baffle  so you can decide if you want a loud bike that sounds great and annoys your neighbors or if you want a quieter everyday motorcycle. Such systems also increase your motorcycle’s power, especially if combined with proper carburetor re-jetting.


This exhaust will fit
1974 Honda CB550

1975 Honda CB550

1976 Honda CB550

1977 Honda CB550

1978 Honda CB550


1971 Honda CB500

1972 Honda CB500

1973 Honda CB500


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